What is goodness nation welcome back to Stress Hedge.

It’s your boy that is, and I am back with the same realism and today we are going to be doing would you rather.

Now we did it would you rather as before but it was literal is that we made up. I decided that I should do would you rather than you guys makeup and I just wanna I want to like have fun with you guys.

But I want to instruct you guys, so I already do videos that you guys like suggest, and I think I might-might be like truth or dare and then you can give us the truth in there’s whatever.

So, right now I want you guys to comment and choose the dares that you want to do or choose to take video and like the video while you’re at it.

But let’s get into it with would you rathers all of these off purposes, and I’m Jeff and you know Minnesota we should and I know you do you guys follow her too but look at the face that Chad it started off.


oh damnm… we start up… what up

would you rather

okay so the first question is the first

Would you rather take an Otte day candy again or start dating Molly


oh..okay! I would rather go for you to so we can make it even.


okay so

would you rather start dating with Justin Bieber’s now?

Honestly, on some real shit, i looking at a full buck I might just go a model just to experience because she may have a boyfriend and don’t last that long. So, I might just like do that and like expect not to last that long just to experience, and I could get back to my girlfriend.


Oh, I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone. Exactly can you point? You know I’d like you thought about to say Justin Bieber’s. I know it doesn’t say what do you say, no, now say Justin ever yeah you ready do they use it doesn’t even have obviously actually think I was like um and like oh look so let me know in the future so look looking for the future.

Would you have would you rather like to open your horizon to dating Justin Bieber it doesn’t matter you could break up on there whatever you want or rekindle our relationship? I thought I was just like okay, but what I probably just nuts up, so we’re gonna take from the start if I didn’t say that.

all right

let’s get into the game


would you rather have no one show up to your wedding or no one show to your funeral

no one shows my up on my funeral because not what is going to be lit as fuck we’re gonna be Liddy.

how about you

oh boy would you rather I guess the funeral because you rather know it all right yes I’m going to be dying was a very waste we already died

oh God

exactly yeah out of existence no cares on you anymore only not that far…


So, this was all, hope we will come up with more would you rather’s next time. Till then, take care, bye bye!